vhp house

The dawn’s early light hits a VHP house-to-be as it meticulously rounds the back of the Lane Events Center. The structure was moved the length of the county fairgrounds, landing near 13th and Jefferson where it was refurbished and now provides up to two years of affordable housing to veteran families It’s one of a dozen VHP houses in service.

A dozen homes across Eugene are dedicated as housing for veteran families under the umbrella of the Veterans Housing Project. They are the fruits of countless purchases, gifts, and labors invested by businesses, donors, volunteers, and the founding organizations, the City of Eugene, Lane County, the Homebuilders Association of Lane County, EWEB, and St. Vincent de Paul, which owns or leases, and manages the properties.

VHP allows a household up to two years of affordable rent, case management, and wrap-around services while a veteran reintegrates into the community and carves a path forward.

After affordability, case management is a vital component of VHP’s success. Corey, whose family resides in a VHP house, credits his case managers for working with people and for them, rather than imposing structure and expecting conformity.

Corey has health issues that caused him to lose his job, then the family home. Sad as the story is, it describes a perfect candidate family for VHP.

As Corey’s condition is chronic and will affect his ability to work, his case managers have focused on his building savings, and developing a network of resources to draw upon should he become unemployed again. It’s all about supporting the family, come what may.

The case management process has included active participation and goal-setting, leading Corey to consider the possibilities beyond VHP. Without the financial peace of mind it has afforded, he might never have had the chance.

“Now, buying my own home in the future is a possibility,” he said, “with the help and guidance we received in the Veterans Housing Project.”