Second Chance Renter’s Education

Housing Assistance Program

Second Chance Renter’s Education

We understand there are a lot of barriers to housing in our community, but we believe that everyone should have a place to call home. Our program wants to help you overcome barriers to housing. If you’ve ever been evicted, you know that many landlords may not consider renting to you or anyone with unstable rental history. If you’ve experienced homelessness or unstable housing for any amount of time, you know that it can be hard to share your experiences.

Second Chance Renters offers tenant education through a trauma-informed and strengths-based approach to help participants achieve their housing goals.  

Second Chance is a series of 12 powerful and informative classes taught by St. Vincent de Paul staff and local community experts. The series’ unique approach helps participants build self-esteem, learn their rights, and overcome barriers to housing in their personal lives and in our community. We foster a safe and inclusive environment to learn and growth.

 Second Chance covers 

  • Mental health awareness
  • Conflict resolution for neighborhood and landlord disputes
  • Taking control of energy usage and household maintenance
  • Financial literacy and household finance
  • Tenant Rights as outlined by Oregon landlord-tenant and fair-housing laws

Participants learn their basic rights and responsibilities as tenants. Second Chance offers a safe space to practice communication skills, self-advocacy, and to share personal experiences. During this course program participants will have access to St. Vincent de Paul’s Second Chance Renters Education course book “A Second Chance.” This book hosts readings, activities, and letter templates that you can use to create your housing toolkit. These materials will prepare you for obstacles you may encounter on your housing journey.

Our goal is that every course graduate has the skills, resources, and support they need to attain, maintain, and retain housing. Our team of dedicated staff is ready to help you accomplish your goals. With the information, resources, and support we offer, you will learn how to overcome barriers that keep you from accessing stable housing and accomplishing your goals. 

The cost to attend is by donation only – we want this series to be accessible to all.

Housing Assistance Program

Our next Second Chance series begins May 15, 2024

Enrollment for the next Second Chance course session is open year-round. All prospective participants need to complete the Enrollment Form above. Those students will be contacted two weeks prior to the start of each session with information about the course schedule for each term. The next course will start on May 15,  2024


Upon graduation and completion of all required activities, Second Chance participants receive a letter of reference and a certificate of completion that is honored by landlords and property management companies throughout Lane County. 

For additional information, please contact our Course Facilitators – Chelisa Hernandez, Blake Burrell, and Melissa Swick

Lindholm Social Services Office

456 Highway 99 N
Eugene OR 97402

(541) 607-0439 ext. 224