Second Chance Renter’s Education

Housing Assistance Program

Second Chance Renter’s Education

If you’ve ever been evicted, you know that most landlords won’t consider renting to you or anyone with damaged rental history. If you’ve experienced homelessness or unstable housing for any amount of time, you know that it can be hard to share your experiences.

Second Chance Renters offers tenant education through a trauma-informed and strengths based approach.

Second Chance is a series of 8 powerful and informative classes taught by St. Vincent de Paul staff and local community experts. The series’ unique approach teaches skills building; coaches accountability; and promotes self-confidence to build participant success throughout the course and beyond.

Second Chance covers

  • Financial literacy and household finance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Taking control of energy usage
  • Landlord/tenant and fair-housing laws
  • Landlord expectations and more

Participants learn their basic rights and responsibilities as tenants. Second Chance offers a safe space to practice communication skills, self-advocacy, and to share personal experiences. As participants learn and gain confidence, they report making fundamental changes in the way they conduct their lives, making it possible to strike down barriers that keep them from accessing stable housing.

The cost to attend is by donation only – we want this series to be accessible to all.

Housing Assistance Program

Our next Second Chance series begins April 19, 2022

Staff will reach out for enrollment confirmation. Please note: the series is structured to meet virtually via Zoom once a week for 8 weeks. If you need to miss a class, a one on one session will be scheduled to help meet your needs.

Upon graduation and completion of all required activities, Second Chance participants receive a certificate of completion that is honored by landlords throughout Lane County.

For additional information, please contact our Program Manager – Virgil Jackson

Lindholm Social Services Office
456 Highway 99 N
Eugene OR 97402

(541) 607-0439