310 Garfield Safe Sleep Site

City of Eugene Designated Safe Sleep Site

In 2021, Eugene City Council approved the use of the property at 310 Garfield Street for a Safe Sleep – Parking site, where approximately 55 vehicles are allowed for people experiencing homelessness and currently living in cars and RVs. The Parking site is on property owned by Lane Transit District (LTD) and leased by the City of Eugene.

Overnight Parking

How is the Safe Sleep Site Kept Healthy and Safe?

The site is fenced to ensure resident safety, and vehicles are adequately spaced and parked in designated spots according to a site plan. Two warmed, common spaces have been provided for residents to get out of the cold. One warming center has kitchen facilities where residents can cook for themselves, while the other is more of a living room with comfortable seating arrangements, TV and reading areas and a dining room space. Also provided onsite: restrooms, clean water, electricity, and a wastewater disposal area that is connected to the sewer. To keep the site secure, no visitors are permitted except outreach workers, case managers, and medical personnel. Smoking will only be allowed in a designated area on the site. Residents are expected to follow guidelines for preparing and storing food, fire safety, heating, storage, waste management and illness prevention.

Location and Hours

Individuals can sign up here for the Safe Sleep Wait List:

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Overnight Parking

Why are Safe Sleep Sites Being Established?

The number of people who are unsheltered in our community greatly exceeds the number of shelter beds and low-income housing units currently available. Managed sites of this kind can reduce the impacts of unsanctioned camping in our community, as well as help people stabilize, making it easier for them to access needed services, and ultimately support their transition into better situations.