Business of Good

Every purchase and donation at a St. Vinnie’s store, and every monetary gift to SVdP, helps us build a better community.
We reduce waste, create jobs, develop affordable housing, and provide stability for your most vulnerable neighbors.

Sustainer’s Circle

“I’m grateful that St. Vinnie’s is sympathetic to the marginalized, day after day, working programs that set people on their way to self-sufficiency.”

When you become a member of the Sustainer’s Circle, you join a community of supporters who make a commitment to the mission of SVDP through  monthly or quarterly contributions.

A recurring donation helps us  budget and allocate funds to where help is needed the most. This kind of stability increases our capability to serve the growing needs in the community. 

You can make a sustainable change for our unhoused and vulnerable neighbors with $20 or $30 per month and watch your donations add up by the end of the year!

Make sustainable change as a member of the Sustainer’s Circle!

  • $20 a month clothes, feeds and provides showers for an unhoused neighbor
  • $30 a month provides Kids Club for an affordable housing complex
  • $50 a month provides food, clothes, and showers for one family a month at First Place Family Center
  • $100 a month provides a Veteran with job training and housing stability
  • $500 a month shelters an unaccompanied youth at our Youth House
sustainer circle of open hands

Business Partner & Sponsorships

We are honored to have the support of so many local organizations and businesses. By pledging your support annually, your business will be featured here on our website and through various marketing and event opportunities throughout the year. We are open to hearing about your giving goals, and matching your organization or business with ways to create the largest impact. Learn more about our sponsorship programs below.

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Build a Legacy - Give Back

Build A Legacy

Name SVdP Lane County in Your Will or Retirement Plan

Show future generations and your loved ones that the work you care about will be cared for in years to come. By naming St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, Inc. in your will or as a beneficiary, you will help us continue our important work.


  • Name St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Inc. in your Will or revocable trust. Naming St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Inc. in your Will or trust will cost you nothing during your lifetime but can leave a lasting legacy of support. A bequest can be for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate after other bequests have been fulfilled. Our Tax ID # is 93-0454786.
  • Name St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Inc. as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy. A pre-tax retirement account and proceeds from a life insurance policy are typically subject to both estate and income taxes. However, these taxes can be avoided by naming St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Inc. as the beneficiary. The donation comes to us tax free. Our Tax ID # is 93-0454786.
  •  If you have already named SVdP in your will, please let us know so that we can ensure your gift is directed according to your wishes. 

More Ways to Give

BottleDrop Oregon Redemption Center


Recycle for good! Bring your bottles and cans to any bottle drop redemption center, open a FREE BottleDrop account, and designate SVdP Lane County as your charity of choice!

BottleDrop Oregon Redemption Center
ShopRaise - Give Back


St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County is proud to partner with ShopRaise. From groceries and apparel to technology and travel – a percentage of almost everything you buy using the ShopRaise app goes to support our cause. Click to download and start supporting us with every purchase.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards - Where shopping & giving unite

Community Rewards – Fred Meyer

When shopping for household goods, groceries, and more, you could be making a difference for your neighbors in need at the same time! Sign up for a rewards program with Fred Meyer, and designate SVdP Lane County as your charity of choice!

Use code: GI264

Fred Meyer Community Rewards - Where shopping & giving unite
Create a Facebook Fundraiser - Give Back

Create A Facebook Fundraiser

It’s as easy as a few clicks and you can share your fundraiser with your whole online community! We’ve had several donors create Birthday Fundraisers, or simply because they’re awesome.

Create a Facebook Fundraiser - Give Back
United Way of Lane County

Employee Giving, Volunteering, & Matching Gifts

We are proud to partner with United Way of Lane County to establish employee giving programs and localized generosity.

Some companies see the value in encouraging their staff to give back to the community. Ask your employer about their volunteer opportunities, if they have an employee giving opportunities, or if they are able to match monetary donations. Several large corporations and local institutions have these programs already in place!

Thrivent Action Team service projects

Thrivent Members

We’re proud to be a Thrivent Choice enrolled organization!

Through the Thrivent programs, we are eligible to receive grant dollars, fee-free donations, and support from Thrivent Action Team service projects.

To learn more about Thrivent’s membership benefits and generosity programs visit

Thrivent Action Team service projects
McDonald Community Vision Fund - Community Building

McDonald Community Vision Fund

Securing Brighter Futures

SVdP established the McDonald Community Vision (MCV) Fund as a flexible funding stream, which, in the spirit of Emeritus Director Terry McDonald’s 50-year legacy of service, will allow the organization to continue investing in community-serving opportunities with agility.

Terry’s father, H.C. “Mac” McDonald, was the first SVdP director in Lane County. And Terry boldly led the multifaceted organization, now the largest nonprofit human-services provider in Lane County, for 39 years as executive director. For decades under McDonald’s innovative leadership, SVdP worked to alleviate homelessness and poverty, reduce waste, and grow environmental stewardship in our community and beyond.

The MCV Fund will be an important and enduring source of stability for those efforts, as we carry forward the McDonalds’ longstanding vision of serving the most vulnerable in the community.

Investing in Stability - Community Building

Investing in Stability

Recent events, from fires to winter storms to pandemics, have compounded many existing social and economic challenges. In the process, they’ve also highlighted the need for a flexible, unrestricted funding source to help stabilize SVdP and sustain our ability to deliver social services through turbulent times. Among other things, COVID-19 forced the temporary closure of all of our St. Vinnie’s retail thrift stores, cutting off a vital source of revenue for our essential humanitarian programs and services.

The MCV Fund will form a more solid financial footing for SVdP and allow us to react nimbly when pressing needs shake our community in the future. With this funding stream, we will be able to quickly apply resources to help people in immediate crisis, such as those who were afflicted by 2020’s pandemic and wildfires, and others pulled — perhaps for the first time — into society’s worsening cycles of poverty and homelessness.

We created the MCV Fund not only to preserve the legacy Terry McDonald built leading up to his transition into an emeritus leadership role in December 2023, but to secure long-term success and maintain SVdP’s ability to pivot on demand during increasingly unpredictable times.

McDonald Community Vision Fund
Investing in Stability - Community Building

More About the Fund

The MCV Fund is not a traditional endowment, which is a financial instrument intended to generate ongoing interest income for a specific purpose, nor a reserve fund designed to hold money aside for anticipated future expenditures such as capital improvements. Rather, McDonald envisioned this as an “opportunity fund” that will enable SVdP to react quickly by applying unrestricted donor contributions toward new opportunities, as they arise, to create benefit for the community.

These opportunities could take many forms, and the MCV Fund will enable SVdP’s leaders to think outside the box when looking for ways to serve emerging and emergency community needs. These could include property purchases for future affordable-housing developments; timely partnerships with other organizations to serve a greater good; staffing expenses to cover a short-term need; or the application of funds to qualify for matching grants, effectively multiplying donors’ gifts. The fund could also enable the nimble creation of new social-service programs and the rapid delivery of crisis-response services as gaps emerge — sometimes suddenly, as when driven by resource-stretching emergencies like 2020’s trials by fire and virus.

While the circumstances of future MCV Fund use will vary widely, the application of those funds will always align with SVdP’s overall mission of alleviating poverty, ending the cycle of homelessness, and creating benefit for the community. Decisions about expenditures from the MCV Fund will be made by the executive director and chief financial officer, with oversight from SVdP’s board of directors.

Get Involved

  • Share the vision
  • We want to get as much of the community involved in this as possible, and we need your help! Host a staff member for a virtual meeting at your next club or civic group meeting, or maybe just a group of your friends and family. Contact us to get something scheduled.
  • Invest your time
  • Join our committee and get exclusive insights into how this fund will create brighter futures. All are welcome, and we’d love to hear your ideas. Contact us to join our next meeting!
  • Donate to the fund
  • Your financial support secures brighter futures for this community!
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St. Vincent de Paul is Lane County’s largest nonprofit human services organization. Founded in 1953 and incorporated in 1955, the Agency helps more than 50,00 individuals and families each year with emergency and homeless services, and affordable housing. St. Vincent de Paul is committed to providing comprehensive programs to alleviate poverty and help all individuals find a path out of poverty and into self-sufficiency.

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