Regional Housing

Housing Assistance Through The Regional Housing Rehabilitation Program (RHRP)

The Regional Housing Rehabilitation Program (RHRP) is a home repair loan program for people living in small cities and unincorporated areas of Lane County. The program provides financial assistance for health and safety repairs so that people can live safely in their homes.

Housing Assistance - Rehabilitation Program

Program Goals

  • To solve health and safety problems and correct structural deficiencies.
  • To conserve and improve existing low-income housing.
  • To increase housing opportunities for low and moderate-income households.
  • To enable lower-income residents in targeted areas to remain in their homes.

Who Is Eligible?

To receive housing assistance through RHRP, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • They must occupy and own the home and land to be rehabilitated.
  • The property must be within a target area served by the current grant.
  • The property must meet minimum standards and have a clear title.
  • Homeowners must have household incomes at or below 80% of the federal median income.
Who is Eligible? - Housing Assistance
Housing Assistance - Rehabilitation Program

How to Apply

Fill out the housing assistance form below and mail or email it back to us.

English – regional-housing-english-overview.pdf
Spanish – regional-housing-spanish-form.pdf


RHRP Contacts:

Andy Clay
St. Vincent de Paul
P.O. Box 24608
Eugene, OR 97402

(541) 743-7128

Other Contacts:

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