VIDA Participation

St. Vincent de Paul participates in the Valley Individual Development Account (VIDA) Program, which helps low-to-moderate income households achieve major life and financial goals by saving money, which is then compounded by a generous match of state and federal funds. Participants also receive training and support.

St. Vincent de Paul VIDA Goals:

In partnership with the Matched Savings Program, St. Vincent de Paul’s VIDA participants can acquire one of the following assets:

  • Homeownership
  • Home repair and rehabilitation
  • Vehicle purchase
  • Education/Job training
  • Rental housing deposits
  • Needs based adaptive specialized equipment or technology

Learn more about Individual Development Accounts (IDA’s) by taking the financial education course, Finding Paths to Prosperity. Financial education is required for VIDA participants. Finding Paths to Prosperity is one option, especially for those who live in rural areas of Lane County. VIDA goals vary, depending on the nonprofit provider. Referrals are available.

Finding Paths to Prosperity – 10-hour Course

NOTE: All financial literacy course requirements are met through individualized, one-on-one case management.



Nancy Glines, Program Manager
(541) 743-7142

Office Hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Thursday.