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For almost 70 years, St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County’s social service programs have provided supportive resources for individuals, children and families who live in poverty and/or homelessness, serving 35,000 people annually.

Emergency services
Emergency Services

Emergency Services

SVdP delivers an array of resources and services – with the fewest possible access barriers – to provide shelter, food, safety, material and financial assistance, and other forms of tangible help to those experiencing homelessness and poverty.

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emergency services

Eugene Service Station

The Eugene Service Station (ESS) is a welcoming day shelter that adults experiencing homelessness can use to meet their basic needs. The ESS provides food, day shelter, clothing, laundry, showers, supplies, and stabilizing assistance during personal crises.

The Hub

At the Hub, individuals experiencing homelessness can access basic routine and urgent health-care services. This includes mental health services, addiction treatment, and support groups. Patients who lack medical insurance can receive help enrolling in the Oregon Health Plan (OHP).

Egan Warming Centers

Egan Warming Centers’ mission is to ensure that unsheltered people in Lane County have a place to sleep indoors when temperatures drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shelter Assistance Supportive Services
Shelter Assistance

Shelter Assistance

St. Vincent de Paul has shelter programs that help families and individuals experiencing homelessness in Lane County. These are Dawn to Dawn, two Safe Sleep sites, the Safe Parking Program, First Place Annex Night Shelter (for families), and during severe winter weather Egan Warming Center.

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310 Garfield Safe Sleep Program

In 2021, Eugene City Council approved the use of the property at 310  Garfield for a Safe Sleep – Parking site, with the capacity to shelter approximately 55 vehicles, including RVs.

410 Garfield Safe Sleep Program

The City of Eugene’s newest Safe Sleep Site is now open at 410 Garfield. This site includes an indoor facility with 86 safe, heated spaces and a variety of features to support health and stability. 

Dusk to Dawn

The Dawn to Dawn program invites unsheltered individuals to sleep safely overnight in heated, heavy-duty communal tents.

Overnight Parking and Safe Parking Programs

SVdP operates the Overnight Parking Program and two Safe Parking Programs for those sheltered in their vehicles. 

Youth and Family Supportive Services
Youth and Family Services

Youth and Family Services

St. Vincent de Paul provides life stabilizing services to families with children under the age of 18, including emergency services, overnight and day shelter. Youth and Family Services offer wraparound case management support and advocacy to meet the unique needs of families experiencing homelessness.

First Place Family Center and Night Shelter Annex is in urgent need of volunteers in our kitchen and providing meals. If you are part of or know a group interested in helping, fill out this volunteer form:

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Youth and Family Supportive Services

First Place Family Center

First Place Family Center (FPFC) is a day shelter and service access point for families experiencing homelessness. FPFC addresses basic needs and provides essential social services to families with children under age 18.

Night Shelter Annex

The Night Shelter Annex is a 90-day wraparound case management and shelter program for families experiencing homelessness in Lane County. To qualify for the Night Shelter Annex, families must be registered at First Place Family Center.

Supportive Services Housing Programs
Supportive Housing Programs

Supportive Housing Programs

St. Vincent de Paul’s supportive housing programs provide individualized support and advocacy, short-term rental and utility assistance, deposit assistance, and referrals to qualifying participants, including robust Veteran Services.

Veteran Services

SVdP offers a variety of supportive housing programs to low-income veterans and their families. This includes rapid rehousing and homelessness prevention through Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF), housing and VA-referred shelter through Vet LIFT, and transitional housing through Veterans Housing Project (VHP).

Connections Rapid Rehousing

Connections serves Lane County families who are literally homeless with a qualifying child in the household. Connections provides individualized case management to identify and overcome housing barriers while supporting families into self-sufficiency.

LIFT Permanent Supported Housing

LIFT helps provide Permanent Supported Housing to households who are dual diagnosed connected with alcohol and/or drug addiction. The LIFT program provides individualized case management to identify and overcome housing barriers while supporting households into self-sufficiency.

Affordable Housing Supportive Services
Affordable Housing Services

Affordable Housing Services

SVdP provides quality, affordable rental housing to low-income individuals and families who should never have to choose between paying their rent and buying groceries and helps people maintain their housing through a variety of service programs.

Affordable Housing Supportive Services

Housing Development

Since 1988, St. Vincent de Paul has developed multi-family housing for low-income families, seniors and people with disabilities. We’ve developed more than 1,600 units so far and operate almost 1,500 of those units.

Rental Properties

St. Vincent de Paul’s Property Management department oversees our rental properties from Waitlist to leasing, including a robust portfolio of manufactured homes.

Regional Housing Rehabilitation Program (RHRP)

RHRP is a home repair loan program for people living in small cities and unincorporated areas of Lane County. The program provides financial assistance for health and safety repairs so that people can live safely in their homes.

Self Sufficiency Supportive Services
Self Sufficiency Services

Self Sufficiency Services

SVdP provides resources to help people move out of poverty and into stability, including through programs that teach them how to gain work experience, build job-retention skills, and repair damaged rental history.

Lindholm Social Services Office

The Lindholm Social Services Office offers a variety of programs and services to low-income households in Lane County. The office is conveniently located next to the Eugene Service Station (ESS) and the Atkinson Food Room on Hwy 99 in Eugene.

The Phoenix House

A sober living facility for women! The Phoenix House will represent renewal and restoration — providing a place where unsheltered women, striving to sustain sobriety, can find peace and stability as they ascend from the ashes of addiction.

Second Chance Renter’s Education

Second Chance offers tenant education through a trauma-informed and strengths based approach. The program is a series of 8 powerful and informative classes taught by SVdP staff and local community experts.

Valley Individual Development Accounts (VIDA)

The VIDA program helps low-to-moderate income households achieve major life and financial goals by saving money, which is then compounded by a generous match of state and federal funds.

myrtlewood property managed by svdp property management

Property Management

St. Vincent de Paul’s Property Management team oversees our rental properties from Waitlist to leasing. We manage our own properties and provide an innovative approach to housing stability through our Resident Services. We maintain properties to ensure they are in decent, safe, and sanitary conditions.

myrtlewood property managed by svdp property management