annex exterior

The COVID-19 emergency prompted St. Vincent de Paul’s Night Shelter Annex to go full-time so 19 unhoused families could shelter-in-place 24-7, homeschool and utilize tutors, and meet their daily needs while adhering to CDC recommendations for social distancing and cloth masks.

In March & April at the Annex: 5,400 meals served, 480 loads of laundry washed and dried, 70 hygiene kits distributed.

annex foyer

Heavy-duty doors open to a welcoming place to dine, tackle homework, and play.

annex living room

Above and below, as a result of recent rennovations, light in the indoor common areas is enhanced by skylights

Meet our 2020 SEHS Graduate

annex playground

Spacious grounds lend to family distancing and lots of outdoor play.

annex kids club room is purple

The colorful childcare room has tutors in the morning and Kids Club in the afternoon.

annex showers

Restrooms and showers are sanitized between uses.

annex laundry

To limit exposure, families bring their laundry to the door, and it’s handled and returned by staff members.

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