Legwork is Paying Off for LIFT Dad

Categories: Email Newsletter, Housing, Self-Sufficiency
Date: Friday, June 19 2020

If you’re a parent feeling down this Father’s Day, especially if it’s due to your own bad behavior, Scott King will make you a promise: Follow the steps necessary and doors will open, revealing a universe of possibilities.

Resident Services: Leading with Love and Light

Categories: Email Newsletter, Housing, Self-Sufficiency, Staff Stories
Date: Monday, June 15 2020

Author Megan Marshall’s life was in disarray when she came to her new home in St. Vincent de Paul’s Bascom Village. Her story demonstrates the importance of Resident Services workers in making newcomers feel welcome, safe and cared for.

Taxpayer Boost Welcomed by SVDP Statewide

Categories: Email Newsletter, Food, Housing, Homeless Aid, Emergency Assistance, Environment, Volunteers
Date: Thursday, June 11 2020

Oregon taxpayers have the option of donating via the Oregon Charitable Checkoff to a qualifying charity. St. Vincent de Paul, as a statewide organization, is among those qualifying. The actual distributions lag a bit, so monies collected for 2017 became available in 2020 and are like pure gold to the entities that submitted applications. See the good works taking place throughout Oregon thanks to taxpayer generosity.

Temporary Shelter Closures - What’s next for our homeless neighbors?

Categories: Homeless Aid
Date: Wednesday, June 10 2020

SVDP has been incredibly grateful to local non-profit partners who have mobilized to provide basic services for the health and safety of our unhoused neighbors. As we move forward, it is imperative that our community continues to advocate for change alongside the unhoused community and nonprofit stakeholders. Together, we can find creative solutions to end the cycle of homelessness.

Resident Services: Connection and A Litmus Test

Date: Wednesday, June 10 2020

Long before COVID-19, Hoover Chambliss had no use for long-term care facilities. That’s a conundrum for someone whose trajectory of the past 40 years seems to point in that direction. 

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