From the Waste Up: Metamorphose Transforms Fashion

Date: Monday, April 29 2019


Fabric Scraps Aren't What They Used To Be...

Caterpillar Designers/Models
Lilliana Hansen/Cam Mills
Jadyn Kuhn and Sky McKibben/Blossom Noble
Georgia Bryant
Zoe Beauchamp

Chrysalis Designers/Models
Dharma Wease/Mika Peters, Emmaline Wease
Phoebe Thomas/Natalie Esterberg, Molly Tatom
Tiffany VanKlausmeier/Bre Whiting, Casey Voyles
Adriana Ramirez/Raleigh Whipp, Meg
Hazel Snyder/Sophie Lopez, Justice Skinner
Amber Westbrook/Gabby Westbrook and Luna

... And neither are fashion accessories, as illustrated by designer Lilliana Hansen and her friend and model Cam Mills. You can't help but smile back even as the significance of the hat's hat generates unease.

From prehistory to fantasy to pop culture, the Metamorphose 2019 fashion and fashion-product show leapfrogged themes and showcased myriad scrap materials and products provided by collaborators – Marley’s Monsters, and Gervais Salon and Day Spa and its designers Annika Skaja, Marlo Jimenez, and Jennifer Wright. Salon Manager Bianca Grace Liles served as emcee along with St. Vinnie's designer Mitra Gruwell, founder of Metamorphose and the ENVIA product lineSee Images Below.

The fashion show attracted a new generation of designers in two age categories, Caterpillar for those 18 and under, and Chrysalis for new designers who bravely accepted odd assortments of materials and transformed them in amazing ways. See their work below.

Caterpillar winners were Lilliana Hansen for her fashion product, and Georgia Bryant for her showpiece. Top performers in the Chrysalis category were Hazel Snyder and Dharma Wease, respectively.

More Metamorphose here.

See the early stages of 2019 Metamorphose as portrayed by American Journalist Rick Dancer.

Thank You:
DJ Shawn Kahl
Wells Fargo
DJ Shawn Kahl
Rob Sydor Photography and Tracy Sydor
Lane County Waste Management
City of Eugene Waste Diversion & Green Building
Gervais Salon & Spa
Marley’s Monsters
Eugene Weekly
Lane Transit District

four ladies in scrappy designs

Brandishing the power of patchwork and patience, Bre Whiting in Tiffany VanKlausmeier’s “Hawt Pocket,” models Justice Skinner and Sophie Lopez in, respectively, “Patches are A Girl’s Best Friend and “Bonanza Jellybean” by designer Hazel Snyder, and “Showpiece,” by Amber Westbrook, Gabby Westbrook, model.

Check out these fashion backs produced by Lilliana Hansen, Adriana Ramirez, Georgia Bryant, and the A3 Team of Saturn Hall, Lizzy Jones, and Atticus Bernard.