Larry’s Story

Piper, age 2, loves to wear her dad’s Ducks hat.Cancer. That was what the ‘ugly’ mole was on Larry’s back. The aggressive melanoma didn’t just invade Larry’s body - it wreaked havoc on this family’s life. They had to find a place to live, and quickly, when surgeries and treatments ravaged their life savings and the disease made Larry’s livelihood as a welder impossible. 

Their RV became home and First Place sited them at a welcoming church through the Overnight Parking Program, which finds legal camping places and provides support services for people living in their vehicles. “Not only did we find a home,” Larry said, “we found a church home, too. When we get back in housing, we’ll still come here."

Larry and Amanda are hopeful.  They have a strong, loving marriage and a cute little girl.  Today, Larry is cancer free. He is planning on re-training as a computer tech at Lane Community College, Piper is healthy and happy, and the family is on the waiting list for Connections Transitional housing. 

“We’re looking forward to when we can use the RV for fun - just for camping," Larry said. "The homelessness is nothing compared to the joy my family gives me. They make it worthwhile.”