New Housing Made Even Better By Resident Services

Danielle Rogers and her four children have lived at SVdP’s Bascom Village since the affordable complex opened in 2015. They were delighted the place was not only new, but full of surprises.

St. Vinnie's Bascom Village sign

The entrance to Bascom Village

“I found out there were all of these amazing services provided by St. Vinnie’s Resident Services program,” Danielle recalled. “Food, clothing closet, Kids Club and field trips – they were incredible.

“The Extra Helping food was especially helpful for me to help feed my kids.”

She had come through challenging times, having left the kids’ dad and moved all five of them into her own dad’s house. “It wasn’t ideal, to say the least,” she recalled. “Elizabeth and Sharrie – the Resident Services gals – they helped me through my highs and lows. They knew when I was hiding my drug problem; they provided compassionate support and urged me to get help.

“With their support I’ve graduated from Willamette Family Treatment and been sober for one and half years. These women, they’ve shown pride in my accomplishments, and helped me to feel that same pride. They’ve helped in a million different ways: filling out applications, contacting offices for appointments, even setting up rides for me to get around.”

The all-weather playground at Bascom Village

The all-weather playground at Bascom Village

Danielle has come to appreciate the RSC strategy.

“The RSCs get to know each person individually, learn who they really are,” she explained. “Like, if something is donated, they keep their residents in mind.

“I have four kids, my 15-year-old having autism. They are here to help. People just need to let down their walls, limit their pride, and allow their help.”

“They really make it feel like a community. They do festive potlucks for the tenants, help with Christmas gifts… it’s unbelievable.”

Although she did move to a larger unit to accommodate growing kids, Danielle wouldn’t leave Bascom Village.

“This is my home, the home I’m raising my kids in,” she said. “I never want to leave.”