Coordinator goes the extra mile; family saves for down payment

Darcy Anderson has been living in St. Vincent de Paul housing for almost five years, and says it has changed her life. “Living here has helped us so much,” she said. “We have built a home base, a foundation. It is a safe place for our kids to play together.”

Having lived in communities without life sustaining programs, Darcy says the Resident Services programs have been a “BIG help!”

“The Food every week is helpful as it supplements our own groceries. They also started a Kids Club, which my kiddos aren’t quite old enough for yet, but our Resident Services Coordinator, Brynne, always tries to include them.”

Darcy speaks of Brynne as someone she knows well.

“She’s become a friend,” Darcy said of the Resident Services Coordinator at Sommerville Place in Harrisburg. “I know she works for St. Vinnie’s, but she really knows us, cares about us. When I had my surgery, she found special foods from the Food Pantry, knowing I could actually eat them.

“Brynne keeps in contact with all of the residents to make sure they have what they need. Bless her heart, she was going around handing out toilet paper to the residents when COVID hit! It’s these kinds of things that show they really care.”

Darcy shares some of the fun things that RSC Brynne has put together for their little community at Sommerville Place.

“Brynne set up this really nice clothing swap. She went above and beyond to make it fun with snacks and drinks – she even brought in two car loads full of beautiful clothes, many with tags still on, so the residents would have a great selection.

“She’s set up a movie night for the residents where there was a projector and popcorn – she cares. She really cares. She remembers her tenants; learns about them; she knows their birthdays.

“You should have seen Christmas! It was over the top fun!”

Darcy’s appreciation for the Resident Services Program and SVdP’s affordable housing is heartfelt and genuine.“SVdP housing, it is nice, and affordable; it has given us a chance with five kids to be able to put money aside to start building towards our goals,” she said. “We are using this time to get in to a home of our own, that’s our ultimate goal. We’re working on it.

“This housing has made a huge different in our lives, and we’re very happy to be here.”