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Parking Sites Needed!
Do you own a business, construction site, or commercial property that could be subject to trespass or vandalism?  Would you like to be part of the solution to the growing problem of homelessness in our community? The Overnight Parking Program might be a win-win for both you and someone we serve. To learn more, contact the Program Manager:
Keith Heath
450 Highway 99 North
Eugene, OR 97405  
Contact Keith by email


Overnight Parking Program

A Safe Place for Homeless Campers

For adults over 18 who have lost their homes, living in a car or camper may be their only option besides sleeping on the street.  However, finding a safe, legal place to park can be a challenge. 

The Overnight Parking Program (OPP) provides legal camping, free garbage disposal, and portable restrooms to homeless individuals over 18 living in their vehicles. OPP sites are established in cooperation with faith communities, businesses, non-profit organizations, government offices, and private landowners. The OPP provides camper screening/placement, sanitation and trash pick-up, and parking site management at no cost to the host. Some hosts participate simply because they find that incidents of trespass/vandalism are reduced by having a continuous presence on their property.

Providing safe places for people to park helps individuals stabilize their lives and gain better access to services and employment.  By providing legal accommodations for people in crisis we are also decreasing the number of police calls, which saves our community money.