Opened Oct, 1, 2018, The First Place Annex is a permanent home for the Night Shelter program administered by St. Vincent de Paul.
Opened Oct, 1, 2018, The First Place Annex is a permanent home for the Night Shelter program administered by St. Vincent de Paul.
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Would you be interested in serving families at The Annex or partnering with group that does? Inquire by email.

For any access to The Annex, inquire at
First Place Family Center
1995 Amazon Pkwy, Eugene

Contact Director, Michael Yoshioka, by email.

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The First Place Annex Night Shelter



“The First Place Family Center, located at 1995 Amazon Parkway, will be adapting its services in order to better ensure the safety of its staff and our families. The following changes will take effect Friday, March 27th:

  • All families currently being sheltered overnight through the Night Shelter program will remain sheltered throughout the night and day at the Annex shelter facility.
  • The First Place Family Center (FPFC), located at 1995 Amazon Parkway, will still remain open for literally homeless or extremely vulnerable families 7 days a week. Hours have been reduced to 10am – 3pm.
    • Services at the FPFC will be restricted to picking up critical supplies such as food, diapers, toiletries and other hygiene products.
    • Entrance into the FPFC facility will be limited to one family at a time for use of bathrooms, laundry, and showers only.
    • FPFC will still be accepting and processing applications for the Homeless Prevention and Barrier Busters programs by appointment only Saturday thru Wednesdays 10am – 3pm. Interested families should still contact Kevin Douglas at or 541-357-1734.
    • Families who have questions about services at FPFC should still call 541-342-7728.
    • General donations to the SVdP are not being collected at FPFC at this time. The only donations being accepted at this time are masks, hand sanitizer, and temporal thermometers. “


The First Place Annex is a permanent home for the Interfaith Night Shelter Program, which rotated among faith communities in Eugene, Springfield and beyond for more than a quarter century. Purchased with funds from a local donor, The Annex opened in the fall of 2018 and has the capacity for up to 20 families at a time.

rocking chair by sun mirrorTo qualify for Night Shelter, families must be registered at First Place and on the waitlist. Once accepted, families arrive at The Annex in the late afternoon, enjoy the dinner and activities offered by volunteers, and bed down in family-size cubicles that occupy the former church sanctuary.

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Families are up early and out of The Annex, leaving the building closed during the day. They are allowed up to 90 nights at The Annex while they work diligently toward stable housing.

The First Place Annex staff welcomes volunteers, especially for evening meals and activities. Any family, employee team, like-minded group, etc. that wants to help families is welcome. At full capacity, 20 families or about 85 people await a hot meal served with kindness, followed by family-oriented activities in the living room.

Night Shelter volunteers also offer help with homework to school-age kids. It’s a great opportunity for youth groups and any student who needs volunteer hours to advance.

typical living roonWe thank the following for their support for the First Place Annex Night Shelter:

Lane County & the Human Services Commission
City of Eugene