Season of Joy brings care to residents

Season of Joy brings care to residents

In the spirit of SVdP’s mission to bring comfort to the vulnerable in our community, we will offer support to seniors living at five of our affordable-housing properties this holiday season. Our new Season of Joy campaign will raise funds to provide totes filled with essentials, such as household cleaning supplies and personal-care products, to a population that is often overlooked during the holidays.

For those who are familiar with our previous practice of matching donors up with children and families, we hope you will find the new simplified process for donating monetary support an easy way to help one of the fastest-growing populations needing help. Donations collected will first be used to purchase “essentials totes” for seniors. Surplus and recurring donations will benefit all families living in affordable housing and will provide not only essentials, but school supplies and shoes for work.

To make a gift, please click here.

More help for all residents

One benefit of simplifying the process is that more time is available for SVdP’s Resident Services coordinators (RSCs) to work directly with their residents. In years past, RSCs were torn between spending hours in a warehouse sorting thousands of gifts and spending much-needed time with their residents. Under this new format, RSCs can purchase things like shampoo, laundry soap and cleaning supplies in bulk to stretch donor dollars further — and devote more time to their vital work improving the lives of all residents.

Another benefit is that seniors have expressed how much they appreciate the simple necessities more than gifts. This year, residents of SVdP’s five properties for senior and disabled residents — Stayton Manor, Wallerwood, Hazel Court, Four Oaks, and Aster — will each receive a tote hand-packed with necessities along with a gift card so they can shop for something special for themselves. (More information about all of SVdP’s low-income properties can be found here.)

Continuing family support

Families who previously received holiday gifts from SVdP donors will be referred to one of several gift-giving programs in town and will also receive support year-round through generous donations. With essentials covered, families will be able to spend their money on other important needs.

Our hope is that Season of Joy will be an opportunity for the community to support our residents not only during the holidays, but through all the seasons of the year. For more information, please contact Stefani Roybal at