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Second Chance Renters’ Education Program

Ever been evicted? If so, you know that most landlords won’t consider renting to you or anyone with damaged rental history.

Our Second Chance Renters' Education Program offers the opportunity to turn things around, and more than 90% of Second Chance graduates do.

Second Chance is a series of 8 powerful and informative classes taught by SVdP staff and local community experts. It helps to lay the foundation of what people need to know in order to become successful and responsible tenants.

Second Chance covers:

  • financial literacy and household finance; 
  • conflict resolution; 
  • taking control of energy usage; 
  • landlord/tenant and fair-housing laws; 
  • landlord expectations; and more. 

Participants learn their basic rights and responsibilities as tenants. The classes are structured so that any missed sessions can be made up on the next rotation.

The cost is $200 per student.

As Second Chance participants learn and gain confidence, they report making fundamental changes in the way they conduct their lives, making it possible to strike down barriers that keep them from stable housing.

Upon graduation and completion of all required activities, Second Chance participants receive a certificate of completion and performance guarantee that is honored by landlords throughout Lane County. Most graduates are able to find housing within 60 days of finishing the program.

At just $25 per class Second Chance is a bargain. Still, it’s beyond the means of most individuals and families who are staying in shelters or camping. Support for this program is needed! Donate today!