Dedicated in December 2015, the LTD house is reserved for Veterans attending college or university.
Dedicated in December 2015, the LTD house is reserved for Veterans attending college or university.
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Program Contact:
Kristi Koch, VHP Case Manager
Phone: (458) 221-0718


Thank you Home Depot Foundation for providing a $75,000 grant to support this project.

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* For senior housing at Springfield's Aster Apartments: 541-743-7164

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St. Vincent de Paul Society
of Lane County, Inc.

2890 Chad Dr.
Eugene, OR 97408 OR
P.O. Box 24608
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Veterans’ Housing Project

"Serving Those Who Serve Our Country"

The Veterans’ Housing Project is a collaborative effort of private, public and nonprofit organizations to provide safe and affordable housing to assist military men and women transition easily back into the community upon returning from deployment.   Founders include the City of Eugene, Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB), the Homebuilders Association of Lane County (HBA) and St. Vincent de Paul, along with support from hundreds of businesses, service providers, families and individuals.
If you follow the news, know a Veteran, or are part of a Veteran family, the challenges faced by troops returning from deployment are no doubt familiar, from re-establishing themselves in the family to finding suitable work or even a place to live. The founders and volunteers of the Veteran Housing Project appreciate these challenges and are committed to smoothing the transition, one household at a time.
For starters, the Veterans’ Housing Project can supply affordable housing for up to two years, giving tenants time to get reaquainted, explore their options, and move forward. Bolstered by its huge and equally dedicated volunteer force, the VHP is our community’s way of saying, "Welcome Home" and "Thank You" to a most deserving population.

VHP Waitlist Application: Click here!

2019 update: 10 houses completed!
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