Grants totaling $33,500 sent to 15 SVDP entities

When Oregonians pay their state taxes, they have the option of donating via the Oregon Charitable Checkoff to one of the listed charities. St. Vincent de Paul, as a statewide organization, is among the charities listed. The actual distributions lag a bit, so monies collected for 2017 became available in 2020 and are now reaching their designated recipients.

Who could have foreseen a worldwide pandemic that would rock systems as we know them, from the economy to social services to medicine? Throughout Oregon, the growing need is being met at least in part by St. Vincent de Paul entities, even as they struggle to protect themselves and their clients from the COVID-19 virus.

One bright spot: Oregon Charitable Checkoff funds were there, to the tune of nearly $34,000 for St. Vincent de Paul. Fifteen SVdP entities applied with heartwarming descriptions of their projects. The grant process is not competitive; the deciders make every effort to ensure that every valid request is honored to the extent possible.

Below are the results of the 2020 Oregon Charitable Checkoff distribution, with thanks to all who took part in administration, by applying, and mostly by making that all important decision to donate, as Oregon taxpayers are invited to do every year. As you can see, the funds will benefit unhoused and low-income people in many creative, practical ways.

SVDP Entity  

All Saints Conference Portland $2,000 toward garden boxes and a new freezer.

Ascension Conference Portland $1,000 toward a new freezer.

Ozanam Conference Eugene $2,000 toward an electric pallet jack for the Atkinson Food Room.

Resurrection Parish Tualatin $1,000 toward food-pantry expansion.

Rogue Valley Council Medford $6,000 to supply & reward cleanup of individual spaces by the homeless campers who use them.

St. Agatha’s Conference Tigard $2,000 toward a new refrigerator/freezer.

St. Cecilia Conference Beaverton $1,000 toward emergency infant-care packages.

St. Charles Conference Portland $2,000 to replace plastic shelving with industrial-steel units.

St. Helen Conference Junction City $1,000 for bedding, cleaning supplies, paper products.

St. Henry Conference Gresham $1,000 for a collaborative effort to feed the Hispanic community.

St. James Conference McMinnville $2,000 to help people meet their housing goals.

St. Mary’s Conference Albany $2,000 to provide refurbished bicycles, and beds.

St. Peter Conference Eugene $2,000 for household supplies for low-income households and for people transitioning into housing.

St. Therese Conference Portland $  500 to purchase winter coats for school-age kids.

Portland District Council Portland $4,000 for equipment and software for a HIPPA-compliant database.

Thank YOU, Oregon Taxpayer-Donors!