Between now and the end of 2023, St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County (SVdP) will waive the typical application fee of $44 for low-income residents who are applying to live in SVdP’s affordable-housing properties.

“Eliminating all application fees will help reduce a barrier for many of our neighbors who need affordable housing the most, during this season when it is needed most,” says SVdP Property Management Director Ben Abbe.

SVdP affordable housing operates on a waitlist basis; property-management staff evaluate waitlists quarterly on the first business days of March, June, September and December. Community members who are searching for affordable housing are encouraged to explore current waitlist options on SVdP’s website here. SVdP’s next quarterly evaluation will take place, and further waitlist openings made available, on Dec. 1, 2023.

Applying for SVdP waitlists is always free. Wait times can vary, and in some cases applicants will be on a waitlist for 6-18 months before they are contacted to schedule an appointment to apply for open housing. Only then, when an individual’s name comes up on the SVdP waitlist to apply for housing, are they typically charged an application fee to cover administrative costs.

“We hope that putting a pause on this fee will provide a small bit of relief for some of our neighbors during this time of year that is joyous for most, but creates an added financial strain for many,” Abbe says. “We know that every dollar needs to stretch even further than it normally does for families struggling to work their way out of poverty, as they do their best to build a special holiday season for their loved ones.”

Donations help build stability for SVdP residents

Because the rent SVdP charges residents is so low, the agency relies on community donations to help maintain its properties and deliver resident services designed to help foster long-term stability. Support for affordable housing represents SVdP’s current biggest area of need for community support. To help SVdP provide services for residents, including many senior and disabled individuals, families with young children, and other vulnerable community members, please utilize SVdP’s secure online donation form, accessible here or via the clickable donate button on this page, or mail a check payable to St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, P.O. Box 24608, Eugene, OR 97402.