Transitional Housing - Shelter Assistance

Shelter Assistance

We’re Here to Help

St. Vincent de Paul has shelter programs that help families and individuals experiencing homelessness in Lane County. These are Dawn to Dawn, the Safe Parking Program, First Place Annex Night Shelter, the Safe Sleep Program, and -during severe winter weather – Egan Warming Centers.

310 Garfield Safe Sleep Program

In 2021, Eugene City Council approved the use of the property at 310 Garfield Street for a Safe Sleep – Parking site.

Dawn to

The Dawn to Dawn program invites unsheltered individuals to sleep safely overnight in heated, heavy-duty communal tents and personal-sized pallet shelters.

Safe Parking

The Safe Parking Program provides legal camping, free garbage disposal, and portable restrooms to unsheltered individuals over 18 living in their vehicles.

First Place Annex
Night Shelter

The First Place Annex Night Shelter is a transitional shelter program for families experiencing homelessness. To qualify for night shelter, families must be registered at First Place Family Center

Egan Warming

The Egan Warming Center’s mission is simple: ensure that unsheltered people in Lane County have a place to sleep indoors when temperatures drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.