Emergency Services

Emergency Services

We’re Here to Help

Whether you need food, day shelter, clothing, laundry, showers, supplies, or non-emergency medical assistance, we have a program for you. St. Vincent de Paul has programs to help individuals experiencing homelessness meet their basic needs.

Eugene Service Station

The Eugene Service Station (ESS) is a welcoming day shelter that adults experiencing homelessness can use to meet their basic needs. The ESS provides food, day shelter, clothing, laundry, showers, supplies, and stabilizing assistance during personal crises.

Food Assistance

The Atkinson Food Room is designed to offer a grocery-shopping style experience for individuals and families in need. Guests select their own items, choosing what best suits the needs of their family. Due to Covid-19, the Atkinson Food Room is currently offering pre-packaged food boxes only.

The Hub

At the Hub, individuals experiencing homelessness can access basic routine and urgent health-care services. This includes mental health services, addiction treatment, and support groups. Patients who lack medical insurance can receive help enrolling in the Oregon Health Plan.