What is RHRP?

St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County (SVdP) has been on the forefront of providing solutions to the housing shortage since we first began developing affordable-housing properties in 1989. But building new properties is only one piece of the puzzle. To stay proactive, we need to preserve what housing already exists; and so, the Regional Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program (RHRP) was born. 

RHRP is a home repair loan program for people living in small cities and unincorporated areas of Lane County. The program provides financial assistance for health and safety repairs so that people can live safely in their homes. Many of your neighbors have already been using RHRP to improve their quality of life and the longevity of their homes.

 Here are just a few of their stories: 

The Santanas 

Migel and Charleen Santana are 30-year homeowners from Blachly, Ore. Migel, a military veteran, had paid off his home and now lives on Social Security income. When water spots began to appear in the ceiling above the Santanas’ bed, it was the start of trouble. Water spots led to water dripping down onto the mattress and sheets each night. Migel and Charleen discovered they had more than $25,000 worth of water damage on their hands. 

The Santanas reached out to SVdP after seeing a flyer for RHRP. After a speedy application and assessment process, a crew was able to come in and repair the damage and the roofing. 

“It’s nice being able to lay in bed when it’s raining and not see water dripping through,” a grateful Migel says. 

Water damage done to roof

Carl Pense 

Carl Pense lives in Florence, where he purchased a 30-year-old manufactured home. Carl says there were a few issues with the home when he bought it several years ago; for one, the home’s window framing was in dire need of replacement because of dry rot. 

Carl reached out to RHRP after seeing an ad in the paper about the rehabilitation loan program, and through an initial assessment, learned that the house needed much more than just window replacement. It was also past time to replace the roof and front deck, both also close to succumbing to dry rot. RHRP also worked with local contractors to update the heating and cooling of the home by installing an HVAC system. Finally, the program assisted with installing a new water heater. 

Carl says that since the RHRP helped with these repairs, his monthly electric bill has been cut in half. He also says he appreciated the constant attention given to him and his home by Andy Clay, the RHRP program manager for SVdP. 

“Andy was tremendous and helped all the way through until things were finished,” Carl says. 

The Clifts 

After an initial assessment with Clay, Gary Clift also was confident that he and his home were in good hands. “He was a sharp guy, and he knew what we needed to get done to take care of us,” Gary says. 

The Clifts had only lived in their 20-year-old home for one year before it became clear that the house needed work. The roof was in serious need of repair, for one, but at 79 years of age, Gary wasn’t about to find himself up on a ladder to fix it.  

They heard about RHRP from a neighbor and applied. After their assessment, Clay helped the couple find the right contractors for the job. They repaired the sagging roof, replaced the heating and cooling system, and even installed a walk-in shower for Gary’s wife who had struggled with mobility. 

RHRP rehabilitates housing

Is RHRP Right For You?

Finding housing is a blessing in a constantly changing market but preserving housing for the future is an important step in solving the housing crisis. If you think your home could benefit from the Regional Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program then reach out! Please note, this is not a home remodel program. RHRP is strictly focused on home repair and the well-being of residents.