The Hub: It’s All Right Here

Date: Tuesday, October 13 2020


Clinic at Dawn to Dawn shelter addresses
medical, mental barriers to housing

The happy eyes of Program Lead Jessica Bonacker, strict COVID-19 protocols, and good information await patients at The Hub.

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Thanks to CardioStart International and the Eugene Southtowne Rotary, The Hub is equipped for professionalism and comfort
With appreciation:
Trillium CHP
CardioStart International

  Without a home, what chance does a person have at getting basic health care?  

    A greatly improved one, thanks to a partnership between Willamette Family, Inc. (WTFS) and St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County that offers basic health care – routine and urgent – plus access to mental-health services, addiction treatment, and support groups. The services are delivered out of two modular clinics that were donated by Lane Community College, relocated to the Dawn to Dawn site at 717 Hwy 99N in Eugene, and dubbed The Hub: It’s All Right Here. 

    Long recognized as primary barriers to housing, painful and/or chronic health conditions, mental illness, and substance abuse will be addressed by Willamette Family staff and specially trained volunteers, making for easy access and follow-up. A second modular, placed alongside The Hub, will accommodate group sessions and other meetings intended to fortify willpower and build community. Patients who lack medical insurance can receive help enrolling in the Oregon Health Plan. 

    By addressing health concerns early, before they turn into emergencies, and making referrals in more concerning cases, The Hub will reduce the patient volume at urgent-care clinics and hospital emergency rooms where homeless individuals typically turn.

    The Hub is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to noon. Here are the major health issues to be addressed: Alcohol and drug assessment and treatment, detox referral, help with Oregon Health Authority paperwork, mental health support and referrals, referrals for housing, food, dental and/or more specialized medical care. 

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Situated alongside The Hub medical clinic is this similar building, which will accommodate support groups, meetings and other gatherings as CDC guidelines allow.