Bagley Downs

Eugene, OR
30 units at 50 percent of area median income
10 units set aside for low income community college students
All two bedroom units
Completed June 1996

The housing at Bagley Downs was originally constructed as housing for shipyard workers in Vancouver, WA. After World War II, a large number of the housing was moved to Eugene to be used for student housing. In the mid 1990s, when the University decided to demolish the buildings to make way for new student housing, SVDP worked with other community partners to try and save some of the units. Thirty units were moved to a new site and rehabbed, making them more energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

The complex is located in close proximity to parks, schools, and other amenities. The two bedroom units are affordable for people at or below 50 percent of area median income and 10 units are set aside for low income community college students. Bagley Downs was the largest housing recycling project in Lane County’s history. The former mayor of Eugene remarked that this had been “the biggest pile of lemons ever transformed to lemonade in Eugene’s history.”