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Vikki Perpinan, Program Manager
456 Highway 99 North
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 607-0439

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Second Chance Renter Rehabilitation

Second Chance is a creative and responsible 8-week program that helps resolve homelessness and helps individuals become self-sufficient. Second Chance is a unique housing program which sets the gold standard for bringing landlords and tenants together.

94% of Second Chance participants secure permanent housing within 60 days of graduating the program. Second Chance is not an emergency handout, or a quick fix.  Second Chance combines a powerful combination of education, personal responsibility training, financial literacy education, money management, and more. With a team of Second Chance professionals, participants begin to make fundamental life changes.

Second Chance helps people without stable housing find power within themselves to make changes that will remove the barriers they face in finding stable housing and become the ideal tenants that landlords seek.

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