St. Vincent de Paul does so much more than recycling. Watch this video to learn how we're changing the economics of community health.
St. Vincent de Paul does so much more than recycling. Watch this video to learn how we're changing the economics of community health.
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Recycling in 2016

In 2016, St. Vincent de Paul diverted the following from disposal in landfills:

Scrap Metal: 7,928,980 lbs.
Textiles: 5,875,200 lbs.
Books: 3,070,120 lbs.
Wood Waste: 4,998,356 lbs.
Glass: 11,820 lbs.
E-waste: 1,126,440 lbs.
Shoes/Belts/Purses: 143,000 lbs.
Plastic: 190,414 lbs.
Polyurethane Foam: 1,435,461 lbs.
Paper/ Cardboard/ Magazines: 110,000 lbs.
Media: 57,816 lbs.
Parafin wax: 83 lbs.
Styrofoam: 63,586 lbs.

Our operations in Lane County and California recycled 301,355 mattress pieces, affirming that St. Vincent de Paul is the no. 1 mattress recycler in the world!

Total Weight of Stuff Diverted from landfills in 2016:
25,011,276 lbs.

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Recycling and Manufacturing

St. Vincent de Paul is an internationally recognized leader in developing recycling-based businesses. These businesses have a quadruple bottom line: they responsibly reuse and recycle products; provide quality goods and services to the community; provide jobs and job training; and generate revenue to fund our charitable activities.

Mattress Recycling
St. Vincent de Paul is the world leader in mattress recycling. DR3, our mattress-recycling facility in Oakland, California, was the first commercially viable program in the world. Today, with operations in Oakland and Woodland, California and Eugene, Oregon, we are the largest mattress recycler in North America. Learn more about Mattress Recycling>

Appliance and Propane Recycling
Appliance repair and recycling has been an integral part of St. Vincent de Paul’s mission since 1955. Learn more about Appliance and Propane Recycling>

Aurora Glass
Aurora Glass creates architectural accents, gift products and custom awards from recycled window glass. To order products, visit Aurora Glass at and Aurora Glass Awards at Learn more about Aurora Glass>

Candle Wax Recycling
Ever wondered how to recycle that partially-burned candle you don't need? Ecofire© is a simple fire starter made from recycled cotton and paraffin from used candles. Brick-O-Wax is recycled paraffin for candlemakers and other crafters. Learn more about candle wax recycling>

Dogma Pet Beds
Dogma Pet Beds are ecofriendly and ideal for dogs and cats of all sizes.  Your dog or cat deserves a really good bed! Learn more about Dogma Pet Beds>

Electronics Recycling
Nothing piles up faster than electronics and their respective components and chargers. We'll do the untangling! Learn more about electronics recycling>

Mattress Manufacturing
Mattresses and boxsprings with good springs but covers that are stained or torn get new life at St. Vincent de Paul's mattress manufacturing plant. Workers remove the soft materials from the mattress springs and recover them with all new materials. Learn more about Mattress Manufacturing>

Recycled Wiping Rags
St. Vincent de Paul sells wiping rags, cut from cotton tee shirts and clothing that we are unable to sell. Wipers come in 10 lb. or 50 lb. boxes. See prices and more info>

Styrofoam Recycling
St. Vincent de Paul is now Lane County’s only destination for recycling Styrofoam. Learn more about Styrofoam Recycling>