First Place Family Center helped Kimberlee and her daughter Alexis get back on their feet again.
First Place Family Center helped Kimberlee and her daughter Alexis get back on their feet again.
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Homeless Services

Egan Warming Center
The Egan Warming Center's mission is to ensure that homeless people in Lane County have a place to sleep indoors when temperatures drop to 28 degrees (F) or below between November 15 and March 31. From November 2014 to February 2015, more than 2,740 shelter beds and 5,498 meals were provided. Learn more about the Center>

Eugene Service Station
The Eugene Service Station (ESS) provides homeless adults with a warm and welcoming place where they can meet their basic needs (food, day shelter, clothing, laundry, showers, supplies) and get assistance stabilizing their personal crises. The ESS has telephones, message services, computer access, job and housing referrals. In 2014, the ESS helped more than 7,802 adults, providing more than $260,00 in clothing vouchers, 144,000 meals and over 30,000 showers utilizing solar hot water. Learn more about the Station>

First Place Family Center
First Place gives crucial assistance and support to families with children who are in transition due to homelessness, job loss, health issues, or other critical problems. In 2014, First Place helped 542 families, and more than 1,100 children. Learn more about First Place>

Overnight Parking Program
The Overnight Parking Program (OPP) provides legal camping, free garbage disposal, and portable restrooms to homeless families and individuals living in their vehicles or campers. Parking for families is administered by First Place Family Center and in 2014 accommodated 49 families/149 individuals. Parking for adults is administered at the Eugene Service Station and in 2014 helped 76 people. Learn more about Overnight Parking>

Interfaith Night Shelter

Night Shelter is a consortium of more than 30 faith communities offering night shelter, food, recreational activities, and comfort to 10 families per night, for a total of 55 families (196 individuals) helped throughout the school year (September to June). More than 2,100 volunteers, giving over 10,892 hours of service, make this outreach possible. Learn more about Interfaith Night Shelter>

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF)

SSVF aims to help veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with the resources they need to become or remain permanently housed. Learn more about SSVF>