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Annette’s Story

The father of Annette's children caused them to be evicted from their apartment.  He abandoned the family. She and her children are homeless, but have doubled up with her sister's family. Currently there are eight people in one house.

Annette was hired by a local department store last year as holiday help and got hired permanently. She is completing St. Vincent de Paul's Second Chance Renters Rehabilitation program, going to school, continuing to work, and doing everything she can to regain housing stability. 

This year we've expanded a program called A Home for the Holidays, originally founded by generous community volunteer Ginny Osteen, to help families like Annette's get into housing. With the support of Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy, our goal is to help families from the First Place Family Center, Second Chance Renters Rehabilitation, and the Social Service Office get into housing during the holidays.

To learn more about A Home for the Holidays, click here.

This holiday season, give the gift of kindness, of giving back, of knowing you’ve helped someone get a roof over their head. Donate now.