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Florence Store

storefront in Florence with lots of blue sky

2315 Hwy 101, Florence, Oregon
(541) 997-8460, fax (541) 997-4086
Open 9-8 every day

display case with jewelry
Jewelry to suit most any budget.
Appliances for households large and small.

20,000 sq. ft. of lovely merchandise, including clothing for all ages, gently used furniture, mattresses and box springs, carefully categorized books, collectibles and crafts. Did we mention textiles? Whether you’re new to Florence or passing through, you’ll find what you need, what you forgot, and what will delight! Downsizing? Use our convenient drive-through donation center and give those reusable items new life.

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Follow the colored tags and save up to 50%!

Whether you're decorating or equipping the cupboards, or filling a creative niche, you'll find what's needed.
Nice furniture -- gently used for maximum comfort.
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