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Recycled Wiping Rags

Making wiping ragsSt. Vincent de Paul sells wiping rags, cut from cotton tee shirts and clothing that we are unable to sell. Wipers come in 50 lb. boxes. Prices are as follows, per 50-lb. box:

  • White Tee wipers: $50
  • Color Tee wipers: $40
  • White Cotton: $65
  • Color Cotton: $50
  • Cut Terry: $65

To place an order or get information during business hours, call Shelly Soverns at 541-357-4314. (Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm)

Contact us any time at:

What's Your Project? Your Art? Your Chore?
box of clean white rags

Give yourself or someone else a fresh start with clean rags. Consider the possibilities!

SVDP's rag business sustains jobs, re-uses commonly discarded materials, and helps divert stuff from our landfills