Aurora Glass' amazing products include:

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Accent Tile

Candle Holders


Drawer Pulls



Tumbled Glass


and more!

Choose Aurora Glass for your gifts for your friends and family. 

Visit Aurora Glass in Eugene at:
2345 W. Broadway
Eugene, OR 97402 (map)
Nearby LTD bus lines: 32, 43, 76

Local: (541) 681-3260
Toll Free: (888) 291.9311
Fax: (541) 681-8755
Hours: 9 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific, Monday - Friday

Aurora Glass

Aurora Glass creates architectural accenGlass firing at Aurora Foundryts, gift products and custom awards from recycled window glass.  Unlike bottle glass, window glass has few applications for recycling. 

St. Vincent de Paul melts the glass to a temperature of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, colors it, and recasts it.  The result is beautiful tiles, wind chimes, suncatchers, awards, and many other products. Glass that cannot be melted is tumbled to create a product for landscapes, florists, and gifts.

Consider Aurora Glass the next time you need an award! 

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