Brent and Trista’s Story

Brent, Trista, & Draven (age 3)“From our home to yours”… You’ll likely receive holiday greetings like this one - a message of love from one family to another. For Brent and Trista, this sentiment will never again be taken for granted. Last year there was no home.  

Brent had been laid off for the second time and Trista can’t work, due to a degenerative spinal disease. With savings dwindling, they entered First Place’s Night Shelter.  Shelter ended in June and their pickup truck was the only roof over them and their 2-year-old son, Draven.

“I was angry,” said Trista. “Angry at my husband for not being able to provide for us. Angry at myself for being disabled.  I cried my eyes out for days.”

Draven, age 3, with his favorite toyFirst Place brought hope to this small family and 500+ like them last year.  Food, showers, and laundry meet important immediate needs, but the intangibles mattered just as much. “They treat you like you’re family,” said Trista. Brent accessed Veterans Administrations benefits and found another job.  This fall, the family is in their own apartment. “We’ll have a tree and a normal Christmas!”

Draven playing on the slideFirst Place is the “first place” homeless families come to rebuild the foundation of their lives.  They are always there for homeless families with children who need them. Please join them in sending a message that you care.

Thank you for giving! Please share this message with your friends and encourage them to give as well.