Rosalie’s Story

Rosalie and her son, Robert, recently stopped by the Atkinson Food Room for a food box. This hard-working family didn’t always need help, but times are hard. Rosalie is 78 years old and a retired bookkeeper. Her car was recently repossessed.

Robert is out of work, laid off from his job as a security guard. Another son, a sheetrocker, is also out of work. Her third son was out of work but recently found a job installing video equipment.

The mother and son have a close relationship. Robert lives with her to help her when she falls. “I fall a lot,” she says, with no self-pity, just stating a fact.

“I love my mom very much,” Robert says.  “I’m glad she is around.”  

Rosalie jokes, “I’m rounder all the time!  I can’t exercise as much - equilibrium problems.”  

But she becomes serious when she talks about the help she received at St. Vincent de Paul.  “The food is a blessing,” she said. "I was at the point where the cupboards were bare.”  

In 2011 St. Vincent de Paul provided over 15,000 food boxes to families like Rosalie and Robert's. Can you help us do more?

If you are making a gift in honor of Mother's Day, please write "Mother's Day" in the memo line and provide a name and address for your mom (or other special lady in your life). We will send a special card to honor your donation. Thank you!