Kerrie’s Story

Kerrie is grateful for a food boxKerrie Young was manager of a popular, fast-paced Springfield restaurant four years ago when she was accidentally tripped during the dinner rush and broke both knees. Her employer covered several surgeries, but the accident left Kerrie permanently disabled and living on a fixed income of just a few hundred dollars per month.

Kerrie has turned to St. Vincent de Paul’s Social Service Office for help. Her weight fluctuated during her recovery so she got clothing vouchers. She has received utility assistance through EWEB and LIEAP, and has gotten help with her rent.

Now the cost of food rises every time she shops. Kerrie gets a food box from the Theron Atkinson Food Room to help stretch her food stamps through the month.

“They’re great here,” she said. “If anybody needs help, this is the place to come. If they can’t help, they’ll send you to a place that can.”