Jennifer and Travis’s story

It was a double whammy for one Eugene couple when Jennifer's student loan lapsed and Travis was laid off from his job. With no income for September, the best they could do was pay one-third of their October rent. Their landlord gave them two weeks to pay the rest or face eviction proceedings.

“It was scary, thinking we might be homeless,” Jennifer recalls. “It was the first time ever we have not been able to pay our rent.” Broke but resourceful, Jennifer and Travis learned that the same agency that ran the second-hand stores where they often shopped also offered emergency help to people in situations like theirs.

“We were ashamed to be asking for help,” Travis recalls. That feeling soon changed. Not only did he and Jennifer receive rental assistance, they received the  encouragement and respect of the staff at St. Vincent de Paul's Social Service Office.

“Now we feel like there’s nothing wrong with us,” Travis says. “We belong.”

St. Vincent de Paul can’t meet all the needs of everyone who calls, says Carmen Peer, Assistant Manager of the Social Service Office. Its funds, like those of the people it serves, often get slim by the end of the month as well. But thanks to generous donors like you, she says, “Everyone can usually get help with something.”

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