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Gwen’s Story

Never in her 20 years as a librarian for NASA did Gwen, 58, envision herself as someone who needed help from a charity.

One brain aneurism and five surgeries later she is a smiling example of how quickly things can change.

In less than three years Gwen lost her private insurance and had to sell her home. Now she’s on SSI disability but having a hard time making ends meet. She was elated to discover EWEB’s Customer Care program (administered by St. Vincent de Paul), which helps people pay their utility bills when they fall on hard times. “I couldn’t be happier with the service,” she said. “I called yesterday, came in today, and it’s all taken care of.”

As she works her way back into society, as she puts it, she hopes to volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul. “I want to make a difference if I can," she said "I always like to do things for other people.”