Erin’s Story

Kaylee and Riley's mom Erin was helped by St. Vincent de PaulErin, Riley, and Kaylee came to St. Vincent de Paul’s Social Service Office for help. The children’s father had been ill, so he helped out as the stay-at-home dad, who “makes good lunches.” This family was doing just fine until Erin lost her job. “I was laid off, along with 1/3 of my real estate office,” she said.

Erin needed help with her utility bill. “I sold a video console for $200, but it wasn’t enough.” Erin is an upbeat person and holds her head high. “I’m not ashamed to ask for help for the first time ever. I pay my taxes. Here’s what I want everyone to know: There are hard-working, honest-to-goodness people who give to others, but when something happens to them, the help is just not there.” Erin goes on to explain. “Our income was too high for public assistance because they calculated it based on my pay stubs for the last 3-6 months.”

A local energy assistance program and community donations helped Erin’s family keep lights and heat on.

Today, Erin is back at work. “We’re still pulling out of it, but we’ll make it,” Erin said. “Getting assistance really gives people hope. Thank you!”