Doug’s Story

Doug was grateful for a food boxLast fall Doug Kolar’s job as a retail manager brought him and his family, including kids ages 5, 6 and 10, to Eugene. Business has been slow, but the family has been getting by with a little help from St. Vincent de Paul.

First they needed a car so Doug got on the Internet and did some research. He got a good deal on an ’85 Mazda at the St. Vinnie’s car lot.

“They were real good to us,” Doug said. “But getting the car was a stretch so now we’re flat broke.”

He found himself back at St. Vincent de Paul, this time at the Theron Atkinson Food Room. Coincidentally it was the same day a huge load of frozen meat delivered by members of St. Peter Catholic Church.

Doug and his wife made their selections for a food box and topped it off with frozen meat.

“This will help with dinner for the next week, week and a half,” he said.