Becky’s Story

Becky helped second graders learn math, but any way you added it up, her housing situation wouldn't pencil out.

The Springfield resident taught for an online academy. When it folded, she and her husband, a graduate student who works at a local nonprofit, had to short-sell their home. They lost $56,000.

The family now lives in a small rental in Eugene, with utility bills twice that of their former home. They are frugal with the hot water, bathing every other day and minimizing their laundry as much as possible, which is a challenge with baby Eli.

Becky was grateful to receive help with their utility bill from St. Vincent de Paul's Social Service Office. "With the education we have, I never thought that I would be in this place," she says. "Even people who wark fall on hard times. That's why I'm thankful for these programs."