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St. Vincent de Paul Society
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Don’s Story

Don works part-time for an auto parts store. His hours got cut back when the economy got worse, and staff doesn't get overtime like they used to.

That's how Don and his son found themselves in line for a holiday food box at St. Peter church one December. “This helps families like ours. The economy is so bad people can't afford to buy food for Christmas," he says. 

The small family received a turkey, cranberry sauce, black olives, fresh fruit and veggies, even some sweets to complete their holiday meal. St. Vincent de Paul is the largest holiday food box provider in Lane County, serving over 2,000 families every year. The holidays should be a time for family, for giving back. It shouldn't be a time when parents have to worry about sending their children to bed hungry.

Don was able to muster some optimism despite his situation. “We are lucky to have what we do," he says. "I know things could be a lot worse." We're glad we could make his holiday a little brighter.

This holiday season, give the gift of kindness, of giving back, of knowing you’ve helped someone get a roof over their head. Donate now.