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William’s Story

William is an Air Force Veteran and former Vet LIFT participant. He shares his message on why St. Vincent de Paul’s programs matter:

There are a quarter of a million Veterans, both men and women, who will be sleeping on our nation’s streets tonight. For many, their only hope is to survive through the night. That is why St. Vincent de Paul is so vitally important. 

St. Vincent De Paul provides the Eugene Service Station, a day shelter that has valuable assets like showers, laundry facilities, a phone, food, and restroom. It’s a place to rest from the streets.

St Vincent’s has transitional supportive housing for veterans (Vet LIFT) and provides program that promotes successful reintegration back into the community. They also have permanent supportive housing so no soldier is left behind.

Hope is fragile. Just ask any homeless veteran.

That is why St. Vincent De Paul is so important. Please help.

This holiday season, give the gift of kindness, of giving back, of knowing you’ve helped someone get a roof over their head. Donate now.