Summer Joy Camp

A boy supervises as his burger is grilled to perfectionHere's a summertime recipe for entertaining 80 kids, ages 6 through 13: Start with a huge helping of the great outdoors, fizz with extreme science, nourish with positive food choices, recycle, compost, spice it up with different cultures, and blend in lots of pool water.

Bake for a few days in the summer heat, and you've got Summer Joy Camp, a 5-week adventure for kids from St. Vinnie's Oakwood Manor, Ross Lane, and Santa Clara Place communities.

This year's camp is heavily seasoned with educational and recreational activities, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of community partners and help from parents and teen volunteers.

Resident Services Coordinators are the chief cooks of each day's activities. Breakfasts and lunches are provided daily by FOOD for Lane County. At left, a camper supervises as his burger is grilled to order during a cookout at Santa Clara Place. As part of Kids in the Kitchen Week, the campers toured a local farm and sampled fresh greens and home-baked bread.