SVdP’s Property Management department purges its affordable-housing waitlist annually, to keep wait time lower and fill vacant units faster. If your household in on the list, you must let us know by Jan. 31 if you wish to remain on it. Read on to make sure you know how to connect with us.


WHAT: We purge our housing waitlists annually to help keep wait time lower

and fill vacant units faster. We will be sending out purge letters to

households who are still active on the waitlist.

WHEN: Purge letters will be mailed on Monday, January 17, 2022 to the address

on file for vour household. (If your information has changed, please

contact the waitlist department right away.)

WHERE: You must contact us by January 31, 2022 to remain on the waitlist.

How To Contact Us:

Phone: 541-743-7164

Mail: 2890 Chad Drive, Eugene, OR 97408

Fax: 541-687-0351


Drop Off: Admin Office (2890 Chad Drive, Eugene, OR 97408); Place a note

or the bottom half of the purge letter in the yellow drop box out front.