Where but here can there be TWO paella fundraisers on the same day and enough volunteer paella chefs to cook for both? On behalf of the families with children that utilize First Place Family Center, the Night Shelter, and the First Place Kids Early Childhood Program, we thank the culinary crafters for their expertise, generosity, and hospitality to nearly 200 guests who showed up at Hayworth Estate Wines to tip a glass or two and sample some of the best paella outside of Spain. They are: Coordinators Jantina Clifford and Seho Chon; and Paella Artisans Seho Chon, Tony Corcoran, Paula Ciesielski, Anuncia Escala, Richie Weinman, Justin Gonzales, Mee Wai Lam, Annalisa Morton, Marsha Taylor, Kiki Tong, Jazz Khalsa, Drew Sizemore, Laural O’Rourke, Mike Kinnison, George Grier, and Cindy Grier. Well done!