St. Vincent de Paul Halloween Costume Photo Contest

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores are a great place to shop for Halloween costumes. Can you help us tell people why? Please participate in our Online Costume Contest! We want to see photos of your amazing costume finds as well as the spooky duds you've created yourself. There are treats (no tricks) available for the winners!

Contest Guidelines:

1. Contest is open only to people who purchased their costume at St. Vincent de Paul stores or people who made costumes with items purchased at St. Vincent de Paul stores.

2. Please email a picture of you (and your friends or family) wearing their costume(s) to on or before November 3.  Describe the costume and what parts came from St. Vincent de Paul stores. If possible we'd love to know at which store where you purchased your costume.

3. Emails must also include the following statement: "I give St. Vincent de Paul the right to post any photos contained in this email on their website, Facebook, and other websites. I have read and understand the contest guidelines." Please note that photos may be used for other purposes besides the contest, including St. Vincent de Paul's promotional and marketing materials.

4. This is a family-friendly contest; please post only pictures that are appropriate for all audiences. St. Vincent de Paul reserves the right to refuse any entries for any reason.

5. Pictures will be posted on the St. Vincent de Paul website and on our Facebook page.  People will be asked to vote on their favorite costume.

6. St. Vincent de Paul employees and their families may enter the costume contest but are not eligible for prizes.

7. St. Vincent de Paul will not share your email address or pictures with any other organization.

The person with the most votes wins one $50 gift certificate to St. Vincent de Paul stores in Lane and Linn County. The person with the second-most votes wins one $25 gift certificate to St. Vincent de Paul stores in Lane and Linn County.

Thanks for your participation!