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First Place An Agent In Couple’s Change

Date: Thursday, May 23 2019
Michael and Reanna Paulo with 3-year-old Lui, left, and Logan, 2.

As 2019 began, Michael and Reanna Paulo lived apart but faced a shared reality. The parents of two toddlers. They were addicted, alarmed by who they had become, and doomed to remain so unless they took extreme steps – like leaving their native Northern California, families, and social circles, and heading to Oregon, determined to achieve distance, sobriety and unity as a family.

Paella Feast Benefits First Place And Its Preschool

Date: Tuesday, May 21 2019
First Place Family Center

Here's a suggestion for June 22 -- take the scenic drive to Hayworth Wine Estates, enjoy a wide variety of handcrafted paella prepared by local chefs paired with locally produced Hayworth wines, and know in your heart you're doing something good for homeless families with children, whether it's providing daily necessities, specialized preschool classes, or safe overnight shelter. That's Paella Feast, an upcoming benefit not to be missed!

A Little National Attention For Our Work

Date: Friday, May 17 2019

It’s a pretty exciting day for us when a famous national broadcaster points toward one of our programs as worthy of attention. Tucker Carlson’s multi-day “Homeless in America” piece wraps up with our Dusk to Dawn program, which you can read more about here.

Paella Feast Benefits Trio of First Place Programs

Date: Wednesday, May 8 2019

From the Waste Up: Metamorphose Transforms Fashion

Date: Monday, April 29 2019

Neither are fashion accessories, as illustrated at left by designer Lilliana Hansen and her friend and model Cam Mills. You can't help but smile back even as the significance of the hat's hat generates unease. That's the beauty of a wearable fashion statement, the hallmark of St. Vincent de Paul's Metamorphose event.

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