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‘Sno Worries! VHP House Event Postponed

Date: Friday, February 22 2019

With 10 houses in its portfolio, the Veterans Housing Project (VHP) continues to rehabilitate residential properties and make them available to veterans and veteran families so they can live affordably for up to two years while military member(s) transition back into civilian life and identify their next goals.

VHP is a public-private partnership that utilizes properties that have gone into foreclosure, are gifted, or are part of properties set aside for long-range purposes. The latest property is owned and was offered to VHP by the Bethel School District. The ninth home, in Santa Clara, is part of a property the Lane Transit District (LTD) is holding for future development.

LTD is a founder of the VHP, along with the City of Eugene, Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB), the Homebuilders Assn. of Lane County (HBA), and St. Vincent de Paul. Powered by donors, mentors and volunteers, the VHP is our community’s best way of saying, “Welcome home. And, thank you.”

Looking to do some service of your own? VHP flies under the radar until there’s a flurry of activity involving construction and/or remodeling, landscaping, interior design, finish work, and more. Get your name and area of expertise on the list for next time. Contact Katie at 541-743-7173 or by email.