Junction City Store

Date: Friday, May 22 2015

people in front of st. vinnie's store

Our first Function 4 Junction Classic Car Cruise, June 2015

333 Ivy, Junction City (541) 234-2672
Nearby LTD bus line: 95
Open 9-9 every day

You won't believe this gleaming retail store was once an automotive garage and tire department! Our Junction City store is packed with all the reasons you love St. Vinnie's: Clothing, housewares, furniture, appliances, and treasures galore. And that old tire department? It's got thousands of categorized books with plenty of tread left on them. Check out the Junction City store any day of the week. Convenient drive-through donation center.

former auto showroom

Once a showroom, always a showroom. Window shop 24-7!

from atop the checkstand, left

Fashions for all ages, sorted by size and color.

children's book department

Your entertainment headquarters, be it books, CD's, videos or vinyl LP's.

mens', kids' and books! shelves of videos, LP's