Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Important Information

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Author: SVDP Staff
Date: Friday, March 13 2020

We are closely watching new developments regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). The safety and health of our employees, clients, volunteers and customers is our priority.

Our Emergency Services are crucial and we will continue to provide assistance and support clients, staff and volunteers, to the best of our ability while balancing health and safety.

Your contributions are necessary to ensure widespread and safe access to services when this community needs them most. Please consider setting up a recurring gift or making a donation today.

Update 4/8/20 - 9AM

We are in immediate need of  clothing donations for the homeless population we serve, particularly un-used/new underwear and socks for adult men and women for our respite shelters. 
We will be receiving donations from 10-6PM at our 201 Division Ave location starting tomorrow, April 8th. Open 7 days a week.

 We are not accepting large items (such as furniture) at this time in order to facilitate as safe a drop off experience as possible.

We also request that items are bagged and/or boxed.

All incoming donations will be quarantined according to guidelines in order to ensure their safety. We appreciate your support!



Services Currently Available: 

Atkinson Food Room  

Food box distribution: Tues., Thurs., & Fri. 9-1PM 

Call: 541-689-6747 

Address: 456 Hwy 99 N, Eugene 


First Place Family Center 

Open 7 days a week, reduced hours: 10-3PM 

Call: 541-342-7728 

Address: 1995 Amazon Parkway, Eugene 


Lindholm Center and Dusk to Dawn Site 

Dusk to Dawn is now open 24 hours for single adults.

Social Service Office is closed until further notice.

Eugene Service Station remains open with limited entrance for showers and laundry.

Call: 541-689-6747 

Address: 456 Hwy 99 N, Eugene


Emergency Respite Centers 

Lane County Event Center, Eugene, OR 

Willamalane Memorial Building, Springfield, OR 

Limited availability, first come first serve.


Stores and Donation Centers: 

Socks, new underwear, and clothing donations accepted at: 201 Division Ave. 10-6PM 7 days a week.

NO furniture or large items.

All stores are closed until further notice. BUT - you can still shop Vinnie's! 

Purchase gift cards: (541) 687-5820 

Appliances, by appointment only, call: (541) 607-4541

Car Lot, by appointment only, call: (541) 607-4541

Your purchase is funding our emergency services and keep our doors open for those in need!


Ways to Help:

Our most dire need is funding for our services. 

Donate online 

Donate over the phone: (541) 600-8454 

Send checks: P.O. Box 24608, Eugene OR, 97402

Supply Donations:
First Place Family Center:

Masks, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, toilet paper donations are welcomed.

Please call the office before dropping off the donations to coordinate: (541) 342-7728 


Emergency Respite Centers:
Un-used/new underwear, and socks for adult men and women. 

Call us for details on where to drop off your donations: 541-687-5820 


Volunteers accepted on a case by case basis. Send email inquiries to:

Participate in the #DontTouchChallenge! 



Updates will continue to be published on our website, Facebook and via our E-news as they become available.


Stay safe, and be well!





Update 3/26/20 - 3PM

“The First Place Family Center, located at 1995 Amazon Parkway, will be adapting its services in order to better ensure the safety of its staff and our families. The following changes will take effect Friday, March 27th: 

  • All families currently being sheltered overnight through the Night Shelter program will remain sheltered throughout the night and day at the Annex shelter facility. 
  • The First Place Family Center (FPFC), located at 1995 Amazon Parkway, will still remain open for literally homeless or extremely vulnerable families 7 days a week. Hours have been reduced to 10am – 3pm. 
    • Services at the FPFC will be restricted to picking up critical supplies such as food, diapers, toiletries and other hygiene products. 
    • Entrance into the FPFC facility will be limited to one family at a time for use of bathrooms, laundry, and showers only. 
    • FPFC will still be accepting and processing applications for the Homeless Prevention and Barrier Busters programs by appointment only Saturday thru Wednesdays 10am – 3pm. Interested families should still contact Kevin Douglas at or 541-357-1734. 
    • Families who have questions about services at FPFC should still call 541-342-7728. 
    • General donations to the SVdP are not being collected at FPFC at this time. The only donations being accepted at this time are masks, hand sanitizer, and temporal thermometers. “



UPDATE: 3/24/20

Effective Tuesday, March 24, 2020 all St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County Inc. retail stores will be closed until further notice.

  We worked hard last week to find a way to close the stores while maintaining operations, and have now pivoted focus towards emergency funding, grants, and the generosity of our community to continue to fortify our services while protecting our staff and the public.

Now more than ever, your support is necessary for St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County to continue to provide vital services to our community.

Many of our neighbors are not aware of the immense amount of services that we provide to Lane County:

·         1,400 families with limited incomes live in housing built by St. Vinnie's affordable housing programs.

·         360 people, many with barriers to employment have had jobs at 15 retail thrift stores, four mattress recycling warehouses, a glass foundry, and an online bookstore.

·         145 homeless families have a day shelter where they can do laundry, take showers, cook meals for their families, check email and job applications and get help finding a place to live at the First Place Family Center.

·         256 homeless single adults have a warm safe place to sleep at night, at the Lindholm Service Center and the Dusk to Dawn Program.

·         People in a short-term crisis who just need help with the rent or a utility bill or a bus pass and a clean suit for a job interview have a place to seek help, a replacement for their broken eye glasses or any one of a number of unexpected problems, because of the vital services that the Lindholm Center provides.

We humbly ask that you support us as you are able. This is the most important time for our community to support us.


For questions or concerns, call us: (541) 687-5820


To donate over the phone call Allison, Development Assistant: (541) 600-8454

Updates will continue to be published on our website, Facebook and via our E-news as they become available.


UPDATE: 3/19/20

A message from Terry McDonald, Executive Director:

These are difficult and trying times for everyone in our country. Many people are facing both social and financial distress because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County is no exception, but we are also attempting to provide the services that we always have for the most vulnerable in our community, while protecting staff and the community as a whole during this unprecedented outbreak.

Things we are doing now:

1-      Our stores have reduced the hours they are open. Many, including the homeless and working poor, need the goods and services we provide. We have had significant layoffs – at both the line staff and administrative level. We are protecting as many jobs as possible so employees can continue to pay their bills. We understand how difficult this tremendous disruption is, yet we remain committed to using the revenue that remains to continue serving our less fortunate community members.

2-      The need for our emergency services is actually increasing. We will continue to assist those who are homeless and very low income, while same time doing everything possible to protect them from spread of COVID-19. Hence sanitation, working with medical partners and being mindful of social distancing are part of the strategies we are employing in all of our emergency services programs.

3-      Food box distribution continues at the Lindholm Center. We are also exercising social distancing to protect people from the spread of COVID-19.

4-      Veteran services are ramping up at this point, as we work to get more homeless veterans off the streets and into housing as quickly as possible.

5-      First Place family Center continues to serve homeless families in our community, while ensuring we are being mindful of social distancing and sanitation.

The goal in all circumstances, is to ensure an anchor institution such as St. Vincent de Paul will still be able to serve the most vulnerable people in our community, as well as community partners in the public sector.

To appreciate the scale of need, in 2019 we provided a safe warm place for 959 homeless adults to sleep at our Dusk to Dawn shelter. We worked with 146 homeless children in our zero-barrier preschool. We provided housing for 267 veteran families. We served 260,000 meals to homeless community members. We provided $120,000 worth of free household goods and clothing to those in need.

Please help us in the following ways:

1-      We need supplies. Food, toilet paper, sanitary wipes, anything the community is willing provide – we need these things now.

2-      Monetary donations. Absolutely necessary.

3-      Volunteers. We are VERY mindful that volunteers at this point are vulnerable to this disease, just as the staff and clients of St. Vincent de Paul are vulnerable. We are not encouraging volunteer action at this point, but we will keep you updated as to our need.

Thank you, and god willing we will all get through this together.

-Terry McDonald


Updates as of 3/18/2020

  • Limited store hours put into effect. Small store hours: 10-6PM, large store hours: 11-7PM
  • Administration office lobby is now closed to the public and by appointment only. Please call our office or your program manager to confirm your appointments directly.

Eugene Service Station Office: Closed until further notice

  • The Lindholm Center will remain open
  • Dusk to Dawn is now open 24 hours for single adults to find shelter and hygiene stations
  • Atikinson Food Room remains open with regular hours

For questions about our HWY 99 sites and programs, please call: 541-689-6747



  • Egan Warming Center will continue to operate based on their existing protocols with consolidated sites.
  • Store locations, program sites, and administrative offices are being sanitized frequently throughout the day. (Handrails, doorknobs, front doors, back doors, chairs, shopping carts, registers, sink faucets, and more) 
    • The revenue generated from our retail thrift stores directly benefits the services we provide and we’re diligently working to ensure you can continue to shop safely
  • We are working closely with the City of Eugene and Lane County to take extra precautions and acquire additional supplies to be able to continue administering several emergency services and programs safely, especially in light of the forecasted below-freezing temperatures and activation of the Egan Warming Center. 
  • Staff are being encouraged to work remotely when feasible and we are offering flexibility to those in need of modified schedules due to school closures and other extenuating circumstances. 
  • Volunteers without high-risk health concerns are needed. 
    • We are asking our high-risk/vulnerable staff and volunteers to coordinate with their site supervisors to take extra precautions and stay home when appropriate
  • We continue to encourage everyone to take precautions, wash your hands often, cover your cough, drink lots of water, and most importantly, stay home if you're not feeling well. 
  • The St. Vincent de Paul Home Visit Program has been suspended until it can safely resume. 
  • All non-crucial events are on hold until we can be sure to execute them safely. 
  • Official cancellations and updates will be provided with as much notice as possible. 


Updates will continue to be published on our website, Facebook and via our E-news as they become available.